Retractable roof greenhouse

Profits of Prospex Automated Retractable Roofs production compared to conventional poly house & tunnels

  • Higher yield, firmer, high self-life and with a higher brix compared to conventional open field, tunnels & naturally ventilated poly houses
  • Retractable roof will help to Grow vigor crops by assisting to creating optimal indoor micro climate
  • Vigor crops as always less prone to diseases and pests, the grower can able to get more quantity & quality produce compared to conventional systems,
  • Plant has Direct access to PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) without any hindrance as there is no permeant film or screens,
  • Prevents crop over heating by cutting Infrared radiation, since the crops are more photosynthetically active than conventional growing methods the plants are tends to better yield and quality
  • Trap more heat or can able to heat up soil and us it as a sink when night temperatures are low
  • VPD (vapor pressure deficit) based automated growing systems can be installed and operated with comparatively low energy, and can able to get more yield
  • Better & uniform control on indoor humidity by adjusting the vents
  • Uniform air & co2 exchange from atmosphere throughout the greenhouse
  • Better plant vegetative by manipulating humidity and light
  • Friendly to bees and other natural pollinators,
  • More viable technology for organic cultivation
  • Consistent production throughout the life time of greenhouse, as the production is not directly related to any fixed degradable plastic films which can possibly reduce the light transmission
  • As the plants can able to access direct sun light can increase the plant density than other conventional systems
  • Reliable strong roof fabric & support structure for preventing your crops against erratic weather patterns
  • Effective heat reduction on hot summer with low power consumption
  • Comfortable work environment for better labor productivity
  • Arial / drone pesticide & growth promoter spraying is possible which can help the grower to reduce the labor for mechanized spraying

What is HS2?

The Heescher Shading Hanging System, better known as HS2 is a modular screen system for Horticulture. It is a fundamental innovation in the realm of shading systems. Its low cost and less time—consuming nature make it a perfect combination of stability, easy handling, durability, and total flexibility.

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Construction & Material

HS2 consists of several segments of less than one—meter width. These segments don’t require any hooks to hold them. Under strong winds, hooks could damage the new material and destabilize it. Therefore, HS2 eliminates the need for the installation of a single sheet over an entire bay. The Warren (WRN) structure used in HS2 helps it to bear the weight of the entire Hanging System. HS2 comes in three types of hanging profiles. The high strength Aluminium profile can with— stand up to 1200 kg/Sqm. The plastic profile, on the other hand, is quite cost efficient.

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HS2 comes with a Warren (WRN) structure. It is possible to replace the roofing film during operation at a meager cost. It merely involves the clearance of narrow corridors at the sides. Also, a complete exchange can be done from outside, with— out entering any interior space. This can be especially advantageous if there is another system installed under the roof screen. The HS2 retractable roof greenhouse enhances yields by optimizing the growing environment. It makes it easy to control ventilation, thereby, protecting the crops against heat, wind, rain, and hail. We also provide SIEMENS for an automatic roof, climate, and irrigation control.

Benefits of using HS2 Retractable Roof Greenhouse WRN Structure

HS2 provides the crops a 99% watertight environment. It offers excellent ventilation control, there— by, giving the crops protection against heat, rain, wind, and hail. Not only does it provide optimum protection, but also allows for the repair works to be carried out during operation without the removal of plants placed below. With long-term material durability, HS2 offers a complete roof system by using all the components from a single source. It also offers foolproof assembly in a single phase. The high strength clips used in HS2 help to open and close the roof smoothly with minimum friction. Therefore, it makes it possible to open and close the roof in less than one minute, and repeat the process multiple times in a day. It further helps to maintain the humidity and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) inside the greenhouse, thereby, giving more control on humidity and increased produc— tivity. HS2 adequately meets the latest standards for fire safety, thereby, giving you enhanced security and assurance of better Rol on your crops. HS2 also offers an ideal system for rainwater harvesting since it allows for the collection of rainwater in gutters.


Technical Details

Description HS2 Roof Aluminum Profiles HS2 Roof Plastic Profiles
Wind speed house must resist when roof and walls are closed: kph 120 80
Faster Installation of roof material or replacement Faster Faster
Easy maintenance of roof system YesYes
Replacement of damaged fabric in roof less expensive less expensive
Replacement of roof hooks no hooks no hooks
Type of reinforcements used to connect the fabric with hooks Aluminum profile Plastic profile
Snow and hail load when roof is extended kg/m² 1200 kg/m² 50 kg/m²
Can support a hanging crop like tomatoes Yes Yes
Can support an irrigation boom from the truss Yes Yes
Conversion of structure from without gutter to with gutter NANA

Crop requirements

Description HS2 Roof Aluminum Profiles HS2 Roof Plastic Profiles
Plants must be kept 99% dry Yes Yes
Plants can be protected from the impact of excessive cold and heat a hard rain and from Yes Yes
Stationary or retractable insect net can be installed under the roof Yes Yes
Auxiliary layer can be added directly to Hs2 extra screen (also retrofit) profiles for using Yes No
House width in meter 9.69.6
Standard gutter height in meter 5.2 or 4.2 5.2 or 4.2
Stucture height in meter 6 or 5 6 or 5

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